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Innovateam Limited

Respect for your privacy and confidentiality is our priority. When you browse our website as well as in the context of the proposal and execution of commercial services provided by the Innovateam Limited, your personal data may be collected and processed. In accordance with Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR,we must inform you about the data processing that we carry out and the modalities for the exercise of your rights, in order to enable you to keep the control of your data and to provide you with all the confidence required for commercial relations. Our processing activites and accountability regarding the GDPR The processings activites relating to this website, as well as those resulting from the commercial services offered, are carried out by Innovateam Limited, the Controller, whose registered office is located at Unit C, 8/F, Camelpaint Building, Block 2, 60-62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.Because of its cross-border processing activities within the meaning of Article 4.23 of the GDPR, the Controller has designated the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) located at 3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715 – 75334 Paris Cedex 07, France, as lead authority by declaration of 08/30/2020. The Controller has designated a physical contact point in France and in Europe only at the following address: SARL Cessti,618 Chemin du Plan, 13750 Plan d’Orgon.The main processing purposes are:

  • Managing the cookies and other tracers deposit operations in order to offer you a personalized and secure browsing experience;
  • Realizing our various commercial services according to our contractual relations;
  • Providing users an app store for « SimplyTab », « CoreTouch » and « YOX » solutions by which they can register, download and use applications on their tablet, according to the restrictions applicable in their country of use;
  • Staff recruiting.

The various lawfuness of ouf processing activites are:

  • For cookies and other tracers deposit operations on your terminal, your express consent (opt-in) except for the deposit of cookies that are strictly necessary and indispensable for the proper functioning of the website (for more information, please refer to our Cookie Management Policy;
  • For contractual relations from our commercial services provision, the performance of a contract to which we are party of;
  • For commercial prospections resulting from the personnal date you gave us, after the execution of a service, our legitimate interests in offering you similar services and products;
  • For the integration and distribution of an app store into « SimplyTab », « CoreTouch » and « YOX » solutions, our legitimate interest in providing our users with an interface through which they can download various applications from third-party developers, depending on their geographical restrictions;
  • For recruitment operations, our legitimate interest in renewing or increasing our staff.

Categories of data processed :

  • For cookies and other tracking devices: your IP address, your login details, your browser version, your browsing history, your OS version;
  • For contractual relations resulting from our services, and our commercial prospections resulting from these contractual relations: information relating to the data subjects who signed the contract, their surname(s) and first name(s), their postal, e-mail and telephone details, their economic and financial information (invoices, bank details, orders, direct debit, previous purchases, etc.) then, if the customer is a Corporation, the profession and hierarchical level of the data subjects employed by the organisation signing the contract;
  • For recruitment operations and spontaneous applications: your surname(s) and first name(s), postal, e-mail and telephone details, your resume and covering letter, your qualifications and diplomas, your previous jobs, your mobility (whether or not you are a vehicle), your certifications and all the data you will be willing to give us;
  • For registration to our « SimplyTab », « CoreTouch » and « YOX » app store : your last name(s), first name(s), email address, the country where you register, your IP adress, your password (crypted);
  • For content and applications downloading from our app store: your IP address for the purpose of managing restrictions related to your geographical location.

These personal data will be stored for a period not exceeding:

  • 13 months for cookies and other tracking devices;
  • 3 years after the last contractual relations within the purpose of prospecting or the proposal of similar products;
  • 3 years after the last use of your account on our app store (you will then have to create a new account);
  • 10 years for invoices and other accounting items by virtue of legal and regulatory obligations;
  • 2 years for resumes, covering letters and exchanges, with your express consent (written) if the offer does not lead to a job offer.

Thus, we guarantee our clients and users that we will not provide personal data about you directly to institutional or commercial partners. Only the use of the app store integrated into « SimplyTab », « CoreTouch » and « YOX » solutions involves the collection of your personal data for third-parties when you decide to download the applications available on it. The various transfers of personal data that may arise from the use of our solutions will be limited to the databases hosted by 1&1 Ionos Cloud GmbH and to their destination in the third-countries where the users of our solutions, or visitors to our website, are located. In accordance with Article 32 of the GDPR, we guarantee our customers, visitors to our website and users of our solutions that we implement technical and organisational measures to guarantee an adequat level of security in accordance with the nature of the risks generated by our processing activities Liabilty limitations The personal data collected and processed by third-parties whose applications are made available on our app store do not involve the liability of Innovateam Limited. Only these third-parties are responsible for the processing activities they carry out on their own behalf. Innovateam Limited disclaims any liability that may arise from misuse or design flaws related to the applications distributed on its app store and does not guarantee these third-parties compliance with the GDPR. Thus, we strongly recommend that users of our solution and its app store refer to the Privacy policies and various contractual provisions and technical documentations of the third-parties whose applications are made available on our app store before downloading them. However, if you suspect or prove that the applications made available on our app store violate your privacy and confidentiality, do not comply with their privacy and security commitments, or have been made available with design flaws or flaws of such a nature as to entail a breach of your security and confidentiality, we kindly request that you contact us at the following address:  In the event of obvious abuse(s) by third-parties whose applications are made available to users, we will take all necessary and useful measures to remove them from our download catalogue. How do you exercise your rights? In accordance with articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR, you have the right to access, rectify, oppose on legitimate grounds, erasure and to data portability of personal data you own. For any request concerning your rights or to obtain information concerning our processing activities, you are allow to contact us at the following e-mail address: or at the following postal address:

  • For European data subjects: SARL Cessti, 618 Chemin du Plan, 13750 Plan d’Orgon.
  • For international data subjects : Unit C, 8/F, Camelpaint Building, Block 2, 60-62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

We will have a one month period from receipt of your request to act on it, extendable by a further month depending on the complexity of the request or the circumstances of which you will be informed.

  • If we do not respond to you at the end of this period or if you are not satisfied with our response, you have the right to file a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés at the following web address: or by post at the following address CNIL – 3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715 – 75334 Paris Cedex 07, France. 

Please try to send your request in english or french tongue.