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Adapt to your needs.

Expand the possibilities of use with the software present in each screen as well as your personalized application library.


Create your application library according to your needs !

Discover the numerous apps available in the screens. Feel free to download and install any of the apps regarding :

  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Multimedia
  • Design
  • And much more… over 300 apps at your disposal !

Any app you would like to add to the InStore ? Feel free to drop us a line with your suggestion to enrich our application’s ecosystem !


Easily create interactive Quiz & Surveys !
  • Create Quizzes and Surveys quickly and easily to stimulate the exchange of ideas
  • Set up your questionnaires with the different options
  • Answer the questionnaires and get your results
  • InQuiz will accompany you during your trainings, your meetings or during evaluations.
Gives access to 15 animators
Export data to Excel and PDF
Up to 100 questionnaires per host
Write up to 8000 characters with free response
Up to 500 participants per questionnaire


Instantly duplicate your screen and interact together on your devices.
  • Stimulate the exchange of ideas
  • Encourage everyone’s attention
  • Deepening understanding
  • Turn a meeting into a real collective effort

Enjoy our InCast application integrated in the Android part of our screens

Annotate, draw and highlight on any type of content
Instantly project any type of content between your devices and your interactive screen
Duplicate the content of the interactive screen on as many devices as you want
Manage your interactive screen from your smartphone, computer or tablet
Control your screen from your device with the Remote function
Inboard image


In addition to the Android Whiteboard, discover InBoard, a powerful whiteboard software with more features, available on the Windows version (PC module).

  • Organize meetings with many participants and collaborate simultaneously on the board
  • Improve collaboration between students & teachers as well as with your collaborators
  • Easy to use tool that stimulates children’s creativity
  • Enhances teamwork
Insert any type of content: images, photos, videos & PDF and PPT documents
Have up to 20 people interact at the same time on InBoard
Search the Internet without leaving InBoard
Typing transformation with handwriting recognition
Save your sessions as PDF or PNG on the screen or on a USB key